Finally, one of the most anticipated movie like action-shooter game, Quantum Break gets released yesterday for Xbox One and for PC (on some regions). The PC version is not available for purchase on the Windows Store yet. While one of the game streamer reports performance and stability issues on the PC.

As per the gamer Joseph Bradford, the game struggles to run at 30 fps on GeForce GTX 980 on low settings. Here’s what he wrote on his Twitter account;

Other than that, Remedy Entertainment said the game will go live for PC today at 6:00 AM PST, equivalent to 4:00 PM Finland time. And it means that the game will be available by 2:00 PM in the UK.

Moreover, it was earlier announced that the Quantum Break is cross-platform supported, as those Xbox One gamers who will purchase the game will get free code access for the PC as well, but those didn’t received the game key instantaneously. Luckily, a few of them got it earlier, while others will be getting it  between April 7-12th.

We’ll get to know the more about the game sooner, once it gets available on the Window Store and accessible to more people out there. The game was announced for PC in February, before Feb, it was Xbox One exclusive for a long time. Stay tuned for more updates!

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