With less than a month left for release of action-shooter Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment finally released a new cinematic launch trailer of their forthcoming game.

Quantum Break Cinematic Launch Trailer Is Here

The game looks pretty much interesting in this new trailer, as it show cases plenty of action. Have a look at this amazing trailer below;

The game includes a story which revolves around Jack Joyce and his struggle in a broken world, with his power of manipulating time.

Earlier, this game was announced as Xbox One exclusive, but last month, the team announced it for Windows 10 PCs as well. Quantum Break is among one of the game that uses Microsoft’s new API DirectX 12, which brings massive performance improvements.

Earlier, we reported that the Quantum Break on PC requires constant internet connection in order to stream cutscenes from the game as the game on disc doesn’t contain cutscenes. The reason mentioned by developers is that it will end up eating more disc space because of high resolution i.e, the game on will have cutscenes at 4K resolution.

Moreover, it is only limited to Windows 10, means that PC gamers will have to buy the game from Windows Store.

Quantum Break releases on April 5th for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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