Quantenna company develops the Wi-Fi-next-generation microchips, which will increase the capacity of wireless networks Six-times compared to current solutions.

Quantenna develops the world’s first chip 10G Wifi: Six Times Faster compared to the Current Solutions

Quantenna calls projecting hardware platform 10G Wi-Fi, alluding to the theoretical bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s. The company uses JavaScript MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), which represents a spatial signal encoding method that can increase the channel bandwidth by using multiple antennas. In the case of a platform 10G Wi-Fi configuration it is 8×8.

Quantenna Wifi

Additionally, Quantenna involve system intends Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO). The fact that standard implementations include Wi-Fi service alternately connected clients: at each moment, only one device can send and receive data, while the remaining waiting queue. The more clients connected to the same network, the more time waiting for service. MU-MIMO technology makes better allocate resources available Wi-Fi-network due to the simultaneous transmission of information to groups of customers. That is, in practice, effective throughput increases by two or even three times.

Platform 10G Wi-Fi MU-MIMO will meet the growing demand for data transmission over Mobile Wireless Connections. Quantenna new chips will be used in enterprise-class equipment and public access points. Solutions 10G Wi-Fi 4×4 appear next year. In future we plan to issue chip 10G Wi-Fi 8×8.