Reports that the new Snapdragon 810 chipset has been fighting with heat issues has not ceased all OEMs from getting energetic about the new octa-core 64-bit chip.

LG was the first maker to advertise it would be utilizing the new Snapdragon 810 in the new LG G Flex 2. The organization backed Snapdragon 810 and said that there is no problem with the new Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810.

The issue has been the wellspring of reports that Samsung was renouncing utilization of the new Qualcomm chip, for its own Exynos CPU for the Galaxy top tier flagship (probably called the Galaxy S6). In any case, it would seem that Qualcomm is dealing with an upgrade to address the heat emanation issue and ought to have an answer for Samsung by March.

It is not known whether that will be in time for Samsung’s plan for assembling its new line of gadgets in 2015, yet Qualcomm is fearless since the Snapdragon 810 is clearly an indispensable piece of the chipmaker’s methodology.

As far as it matters for it, LG has expressed that heat levels are not singularly about the Chip, yet how a device is additionally intended to scatter that high temperature. The organization noted that the G Flex 2 is fueled on account of the Snapdragon 810, so heat have stayed under the degree what LG considers ideal.

There is some guess by a few analysts that Samsung may utilize this chance to give more extensive dissemination and utilization of its Exynos chips. When it comes to HTC it is using the Snapdragon 810 in its upcoming flagship HTC One M9.

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