Microsoft officially released DirectX 12, as the traditional partners of AMD, Intel, NVIDIA in the utmost expression of support, but for the first time Microsoft to Qualcomm is unusually silent. So, what DX12 gives Qualcomm bring? Or, Qualcomm With DX12 can bring what?

Qualcomm: Snapdragon is optimized to support DX12, better wait and see

Actually, this is the first time Qualcomm and Microsoft DirectX only on formal cooperation, between the two companies has been very close. In 2005, Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7500 support Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, after the two sides of the processor, the operating system has been very harmonious.

Microsoft and Qualcom: A History in Mobile
Microsoft and Qualcom: A History in Mobile

Currently, Qualcomm Xiaolong are optimizing their own processor to fully support DX12, but what is the existing Xiaolong 800/600, etc. to support the next generation or the need, for the time being there is no clear statement.

Qualcomm said that in the future, Xiaolong processor, Windows Phone operating system combinations gaming experience will be quite substantial upgrade, DX12 new libraries can effectively use all the CPU core Xiaolong, GPU core, in order to achieve the performance, maximize efficiency and optimize the power consumption of the game.

DX12 can efficiently utilize all CPU core, this is a great news for in a “nuclear war” mobile processors, quad-core, six-core, eight-core are expected to be more fully exploited.

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