During the presentation of the Bethesda, id Software announced a new release of arena shooter par excellence and it will be exclusive to the PCQuake Champions will feature a series of characters with their own skills, allowing us to play in several ways. There will be more news on Quake Champions at QuakeCon 2016. Below you can see a cinematic trailer showing some of the heroes.

Quake Champions Will Be Exclusive To The PC

Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced Champions Quake a competitive first person shooter style combat in the PC arena, which will offer fans the frantic and demanding competition to make a legend Quake the sector and consolidate it as one of the leading eSports games.

Quake Champions, developed by the founder of the franchise, id Software in collaboration with Saber Interactive. It will combine the atmosphere and mythology of the original Quake with multiplayer mayhem of Quake III Arena. The game will introduce a new feature in the franchise: the champions, a team of fierce warriors with unique abilities and attributes, which allow players to compete with style.

“20 years ago, Quake was established as the benchmark for multiplayer competitions and represented a revolution, both the graphics and gameplay,” explains Tim Willits, studio director at id Software. “In id Software Quake Champions consider it important that remains faithful to the legacy of Quake and offers the speed and playability that all our fans wait while we explore innovative possibilities of play, new champions and skills”.

Quake Champions, which follows the tradition of id Software to revolutionize modern technology, offer stunning graphics at 120 Hz with unlocked FPS.

Quake Champions is being designed for eSports. The game will be available in tournaments and leagues worldwide, including QuakeCon, the annual event that takes place in Dallas and home to tens of thousands of competitors and fans of id Software.

QuakeCon this year will be held from 4 to 7 August and then we will see new details on id Software Quake Champions.

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