The battery life of a portable device will always seem too insufficient for us, although the Nintendo Switch promises 3 hours of autonomy in its best titles, with a 50% volume level and brightness, thanks to the use of a simple Type-C USB port we can attach the Console to a Power Bank to use as a direct power supply or to recharge the console while we do not use it, which will allow us to prolong the hours of play that we can use it without depending on a plug.

Quadruple Nintendo Switch Battery Life For Less Than $50

Digital Foundry has tested three PowerBanks that will not multiply bread or fish in your home, but if the autonomy of the Nintendo Switch.

To do this they tested an Anker Powercore of 10,000 mAh  ($29) of compact size 92 x 60 x 22 mm of thickness with a weight of 180 grams, which doubles the autonomy of the game. Second is the Lumisk Glory P2 Plus of 15,000 mAh  for $ 21 (158 x 78 x 20 mm / 354 grams), which almost doubles its autonomy, and the RAVPower of 26800 mAh  for $49 (173 x 81 x 23 mm / 456 grams), which is the largest in size and weight, almost quadruple the life of the console slightly overcoming the 12 hours of play (vs. 3h3min with only the console battery).

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