This year NVIDIA’s efficient architecture Maxwell lived a good life, AMD is trying to conquer by Rx 200 series, though good price, but still lacking of competitive products. In Q4 of 2014 AMD’s share of the AIB market alone was dropped to 24 percent this year, the fell remains continue in the Q1 for AMD and market share remains at only 22.5%, while on the other side of note NVIDIA monopolize 77.5% share, It is widening the gap between the two sides.

In Q1 of 2015 AMD market share remains at only 22.5%


Market research firm JPR released the 2015 Q1 quarter market share, in a general Q1 quarter of the global PC environment is still very bad, AIB graphics shipments only 11.3 million, a decline of 8.79 percent. Although the market is a decline, but the embedded graphics and PC game market is still growing, for AIB manufacturers finally got some good news.

AIB now attaches rate alone was a desktop PC from the world’s top 63% in 2008 decreased by 37% this quarter.

2015 Q1 quarter AIB graphics market share
2015 Q1 quarter AIB graphics market share

Although JPR has listed four GPU vendors –AMD, NVIDIA, S3 and Matrox, but the share of the latter two are basically zero. AMD Q1 quarter of this year, still no new products, market share is falling, last year they were at 35 percent of the AIB share in the same period, in 2014 Q4 quarter dropped to 24%, Q1 quarter dropped to 22.5%.

AMD shares fell mean NVIDIA graphics share increased, Q4 quarter last year to 76% this year, Q1 quarter reached 77.5%, the gap between AMD and NVIDIA widening the diminishing supply.

JPR from 1987 began tracking AIB graphics market and quarterly shipments peak ever recorded was 114 million shipments in 1999, in 2013 shipments of 65 million cards.