PUBG is reportedly making its way towards the PS4 during the end of 2018. Joker and Harley Quinn skins announced for the game as well!

Okay when I say “The Pioneer of Battle Royale” the first game that pops in your mind is probably PUBG..Why? Well obviously because it is. Now when I say “The Craziest Super-villain Couple” of all time, The first that comes to your mind is probably The Joker and Harley Quinn. Why? Because they most likely are and have been around for longer than most of us. Okay so what would would happen if you merged the two? You’d get something like this.

Yup that is right. Doll Face and Puddin’ skins(Suicide Squad) are making their way to PUBG soon. There isnt any precise date or clue as to when will they actually arrive. I could guess but then again my guess is no better than yours.

That apart ,


Well it’s been about time if you ask me, no? Its been on almost all of the major platforms  like the PC Xbox One (for almost a year now), iOS and Androd. Although this is not confirmed but there is some compelling evidence that supports this report. Initially a few months ago (a couple to be precise) A PS4 Copy was spotted on a Korean Rating Board site. The information was seen by a user on PSNProfiles Forum, claiming that its coming to the PS4 because its already up on the servers.

That aside. Lets see what happens. Fingers Crossed!!

sources: IGN


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