Last week, PUBG Corporation announced an Event Pass alongside the “Sanhok” map for its game, containing a handful of rewards, missions and a new progression system, ofcourse with a price.

The corporation didn’t received a huge positive reaction from the public, maybe due to its price tag. However, the event pass was not necessary to purchase as most of its feature could be unlocked freely by increasing your level. And today, we have a news for those players who don’t want to purchase the $10 event pass.

They are limited to 20 levels of the game, out of 30 total levels which came along with the event pass, whereas those who own the pass will be getting full xp on standing tall in the last man standing battle, while the non owners will be given half of the total xp rewards.

Below are the levels detail for those players who don’t own the new pass;

  • Level 3 – Violent Violet Jacket (30 day rent) – 5 days
  • Level 5 – Earloop mask – Level 5 – 8 days
  • Level 6 – Turquioise Delight Kar98K (20 day rent) – 9 days
  • Level 8 – Tracksuit top (20 day rent) – 12 days
  • Level 10 – Gold Plate S686 (30 day rent) – 15 days
  • Level 12 – Tracksuit Pants (20 day rent) – 18 days
  • Level 14 – Pleated Mini-Skirt (15 day rent) – 20 days
  • Level 16 – Name Change – 23 days
  • Level 18 – Hotpants (20 day rent) – 25 days
  • Level 19 – Worker Jacket – 28 days
  • Level 20 – Snowflower Parachute – 29 days

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Reddit user ‘iisfitblud’ did some calculation and posted that consider the 29 days requirement for level 20, the player will have to spend around 6 to 8 hours everyday for 29 days, or over 200 hours in total to reach the desired level. While the company’s communication lead Ryan Rigney responded to the post and said that some changes are on the way to make it easier for the players who don’t own the pass.

He wrote; “Our lead gameplay designer says he wants to make some changes next week to give players a little more wiggle room (to make it slightly easier to get to level 20). Updates will come next week. In the meantime, just do those missions!”

PUBG is now available for PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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