The ‘anti-tricks / cheats’ team of PUBG Corp. officially announced the advances made to stop cheaters who break the gaming experience of up to 99 people in each game where they appearin Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

For starters, along with their collaboration with other anti-gimmick systems from third parties such as BattlEye and Uncheater, the team has started using Deep Learning to study how people play, and uses that data to keep track of things that are not normal and that could suggest that this player is using a hack. Other companies have also been hired to help improve the safety of PUBG.

Blocking DLL injection attacks has also been a priority for the team, but some attempts to prevent cheating programs from interfering with the game during development mean that essential applications for players such as Steam and Discord are misidentified as a threat.

Apparently, the team analyzes a whopping 3 TB of game records every day, to which they added more than 10 million reports. In addition to monitoring the game, PUBG Corp monitors the places that allow players to access these hacks. 100 people are being employed to supervise several Discord websites and groups, this allows them to be up-to-date on hacking methods for rapid detection.

The update also covers the results of the legal actions which will be taken against the people selling these programs, listing around 250 arrests made in 2018 in China and South Korea.

“In every game of PUBG you see up to 100 users trying to overcome already incredible odds,” says PUBG Corp. “We understand that even a person who plays unfairly can seriously affect the fun of so many people, and therefore we need to maintain a security level much higher than in other games. “

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