XBOX Live was live on the same day after being hacked by Lizard Squad, but playStation users were not so lucky, although the Sony struggled hard to get it PSN back. But fortunately PSN is back too.

PSN Back Online A Joyful Moment For PS Users:

People thinking that actually Sony worked hard to get back also XBOX Live, but the story on backstage is something completely else. The unsung hero is Kim Dotcom who bargained with the hacker group Lizard Squad and offered a deal to them,  Kim Dotcom offered Lizard Squad on simple layout. In exchange for restoring the normal functioning of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network members Lizard Squad received a lifetime premium account on the site Mega. And they agree with it.

Kim Dotcom also said in the case of another hack on PSN or XBOX Live again it, their lifetime premium membership of mega will be cancelled. It is not the first time Sony struggled with a cyberattack we can see it several times in history. But the good news is PSN back online more than 2 days it took.