Competition between Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One should remain in the field of video games, but the final results are giving really good results. As the sales pace is much faster than the previous generation Consoles, according to Polygon signings NPD Statistics Group, found that in the 15 months after the listing of New Generation consoles they have boosted up nearly 60% higher sales than the same period of the previous generation.

PS4 / Xbox One Sales in 15-month was 60% better than predecessors Consoles


PS4 and Xbox One both are listed in November 2013, while there is a one year difference between the launch of PS3 and Xbox 360 and the latter statistical methods are listed on the sales data of each 15-month period together.

As we can now the game console sales pace is much faster compared to 10 years ago, but it is not only the Console itself who sold well. Numbers in game sales have also increased, the overall increase of 5% over last year, which grew PS4 and Xbox One Game 74% of the previous generation is down 36 percent.

In addition, sales of accessories also increased by 3 percent, accessories including the new generation of headphones and other accessories just to handle the decline was offset by the generation of accessories.

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P.S: The problem is that those numbers are “Physical Sales Only”. I would be curious to see how the market is doing if you added in the digital numbers, since that is mostly how I get my games now.