This news might bring pleasure to the most of the players, who are using Sony’s latest generation console PS4. A few days ago, we heard the first native exploit for the PlayStation Vita handheld console; named as PS Vita webkit exploit  developed by Davee. Now, they turn to the PlayStation 4. Last night developers, namely proxima and nas worked and released a similar exploit for the PS4  (PS4 Webkit Exploit), this hack will work with the latest PS4 firmware 1.76. (Well, PS4 firmware 2.0 is now also on the way).

PS4 Webkit Exploit has been Discovered on Firmware 1.76 by hackers 

ps4 webkit exploit

PS4 Webkit Exploit, POC (proof of concept) is like the PS Vita. The exploit is a vulnerability found in web browser of PlayStation 4; and works with firmware 1.76. Surely this vulnerability will be covered in the update of firmware 2.0. Previously we have seen that they provide several proof of concepts that this piece of code in working. We also see some tool to create more advanced ROP code. Well as for myself, to be honest, I don’t know whether it will work or not, as if you are really looking for the Proof of concept. But if you see the Code its looking perfect, the developers behind this have a great track off the record, and it should be a matter of minutes now for other people to confirm that this indeed works.

” More importantly, it is the first public entry into the PS4 hacking Point Ever, Which is a massive Breakthrough. “

If you are willing to download the all files provided by nas and proxima for PS4 Firmware 1.76 webkit exploit, you can visit this download link (PS4 Webkit Exploit).