Sony’s upgraded and 4K capable console, the PS4 Pro is all set for release next month. The development of a high-end console from Sony was rumored over the internet since earlier this year until May, when the President Andrew House officially confirmed the existence of such console.

During the Sony’s PlayStation Meeting held last month, the PS4 Pro was revealed with many games such as the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, The Last Of Us Remastered, Watch Dogs 2, Battlefield 1, Days Gone, Dishonored 2 and many other games were confirmed for supporting the HDR and 4K resolution on the new console. As the release of the console gets near, we hear more developers confirming the support for the PlayStation 4 Pro and lately, a few more titles joined the camp.

Lately, Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online and Monolith’s Shadow of Mordor received updates that support 4K output on the enhanced PS4 Pro. A new update for The Elder Scrolls Online named as The One Tamriel is sized around 18 GB on the PS4, which brought some improvements as well as the support for 4K resolution and 1080p Enhanced Mode.

Similarly, the Shadows of Mordor got update 1.02 that adds support for 4K resolution and some bug fixes. Here’s the update history from PS4.


While Konami also joined the PlayStation 4 Pro’s ever growing list, by confirming a November update for the PES 17. According to the developer two updates for the game will be released in coming weeks. Among the two, the October’s 1.02 update will bring many improved facial likenesses to players within the game, along with some pitch side hoardings, new boot styles and opting for number of studs. Whereas the PES 17 November update will add support for the 4K resolution for the enhanced console.

Last but not the least, Nixxes will be rolling out an update for the Deus Ex Mankind Divided that adds 4K resolution support along with multiple graphical enhancements for the new high-end PS4. Sony’s new upgraded console has already enjoyed a great support with a number of titles getting 4K resolution and beautiful visual upgrades and will be rocking once it gets launched on November 10th.

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