While briefing about the PlayStation VR (formerly known as Project Morpheus) head mounted display (HMD) at the EGX event yesterday, the Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) stated that its gaming console, PlayStation 4 is an ‘amazing platform’ for experiencing the VR (virtual reality). The event is currently being held in Birmingham, U.K.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Director of the Worldwide Studios Immersive Technology Group, Simon Benson, stated that,

“In 2013 we got the compute power we needed. The PlayStation 4, the most powerful games console there is, and it’s an amazing platform for driving virtual reality. So one thing we do for virtual reality is we want to make our games work really well there, so we have to drive them at a very, very high framerate. The PlayStation 4 delivers a high-definition image, stereoscopic at 120 frames a second, which is double what most games that you imagine today deliver. And that’s only possible because of the power of the PlayStation 4, so finally we’ve got that missing piece of the puzzle.”

But it’s reported that many other titles will run at a solid 60 fps due to several hurdles. As we already know that the VR experience needs a powerful hardware, therefore, the Oculus introduced the ‘Oculus Ready PC Programme’ yesterday, so the PC gamers should know suitable hardware required to experience the VR gaming with stability. We still don’t have any official release of the VR headset.

Source: VR

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