The CompTIA Security+ certification will help you stay on top of your career and halt the chances of failure.This study guide will provide you with the details on how to successfully compete against your colleagues in the same sphere.

General Overview

The objective of the course is to make the students aware of security threats and the ways to avoid them. The certification is intended for the IT professionals who want to enter the field of cybersecurity. It will help the candidate to master their skills on the following topics:

  • security functions of various devices and technologies
  • implementation and configuring wireless networks in a safe environment
  • vulnerabilities and security threats faced by the organization
  • risk mitigation
  • impact and proper usage of the environmental control
  • cryptography and public key infrastructure
  • user authentication and access control
  • common types of attacks on the organization’s data

Please note that in order to get the certificate, the candidate needs to have a strong background of networking in information technology.

Tips for Passing the Exam

The CompTIA Security+ exam tests the candidate’s ability to operate the basic security concepts. Here are various tips that a successful studentshould pay attention to:

  • Understand the difference between security domains. There are six security domains in total, including: threats and vulnerabilities, network security, operational security, application data and host security, identity management, cryptography. Create a list of them and review the same one in the detail. Ensure that you have mastered one domain before moving on to another.
  • Formulate a study plan. Now that you have identified the focus area, it’s time to make a study plan. Be realistic while making the plan. Consider such factors as when you are planning to sit the exam, how much money you canspend on the study material, and what kind of training will improve your skills.
  • Take up the practice tests. As it is an entry-level exam taken by the beginners, many candidates don’t have an adequate knowledge on how to take this exam. The practice test provides you with possible questions and gives you a fair idea on the topics that you are good at.
  • Learn about the exam in advance. The official website serves as the main source for the candidates who are taking the exam for the first time. It contains the blueprint of the examination including the questions you may have to face or the passing marks required Click.

Training Courses for the Exam

In order to gain mastery over the course, the students can immerse themselves in on-demand online training, instructor-led training, or a blend of both. The training prepares the students with the help of practice exams and flashcards.

Top Resources for the Exam

There are various learning platforms that help the candidate equip themselves with the skills required by small and large enterprises in the job market.

  • Online Forums. There are various forums started by the leading websites like Professor Messer that can help the candidates to learn about tricks and strategies on how to clear the exam.
  • Websites. There are several websites including paid and free versions that provide you with an interactive session on how to get started.
  • Video Tutorials. If you are a visual learner, then such kind of tutorials will help you recall and write well during the exam.

Best Websites for the Exam

Free websites:

  • Go Certify. This website offers several practice quizzes and interactive questions and answers coupled with the explanations.
  • ProProfs. This is a free resource that offers quizzes, practice tests, training material, and flashcards to enhance the knowledge base of the candidate.
  • PrepAway. It is the best study material guide that helps the students track their progress.
  • This website provides comprehensive IT videos on various topics.

Paid websites:

  • The official CompTIA website. It is the best place to get started. It contains different study materials like books, computer-based practice tests, multiple-choice questions that prepare you well for the exam. No other site has a better selection of interactive tests than this one has and you can’t beat the price.
  • Test Out. This website offers a comprehensive course material for a wide range of people: whether you are a student, an instructor or an IT professional, you can purchase the material according to your skill level.
  • Exam Force. This website includes paid video tutorials to help the students prepare well for the exams.

Best Books for the Exam

It is said that books are the best teachers, so here are the books that are dedicated to field of cybersecurity.

·         CompTIA Security+ Deluxe Study Guide, 4th Edition by Emmett Dulaney.The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the exam along with the hot security topics. A wide range of practical examples are embedded in the book to help you in the exam preparation. It also includes a range of self-tests and flashcard. The deluxe addition alsooffersa bonus exam and hands-on exercise tests.

·         CompTIA Security+ Certification Kitby Michael A. Pastore , Emmett DulaneyMichael GreggDavid MillerJames M. Stewart. The book is boxed with the contents that help you during the last minute preparation.  It includes practice tests, hands-on exercises to hone your real world experience.


The test consists of two sets of questions: performance-based and multiple-choice, each set takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. While the multiple-choice questions are quite straightforward and simple, the performance-based ones might be confusing or even difficult to comprehend. All in all, the test requires to apply logical reasoning, experience and wits.