Shortly after the announcement of the delay of two weeks, Mad Studios and NAMCO BANDAI published the first of four videos featuring the four game modes of Project Cars. As the video, each line of the game logo indicates a type of game and in this case they have shown the first, career mode.

Project CARS – New trailer presents the Career mode in detail


Project CARS is the most realistic, beautiful, intense and technically advanced game in the world of gaming. Funded by donations from a passionate community that has been involved in the development process for better driving experience Project CARS allows players to create a pilot, choose from a variety of disciplines of Motorsport in which to compete and go moving up to pursue a number of historic goals and gain full recognition in the Hall of Fame.

The game includes catalogs widest of all games car racing circuits, a dynamic engine of weather and climate, incredible graphics, actual physical handling cars, sharp curves and pit stop functionality, and support for Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. Project CARS leaves other racing games behind in the dust.


  • A variety of forms of motorsport, motor culture, all with their respective rules and formats.
  • The largest selection and variety of circuits so far available in a game of racing.
  • A free career mode that lets you choose your own path with objectives to accomplish, win prizes, sponsorships to get and receive invitations.
  • Competitive online mode that includes invitations to participate in races.
  • Ability to modify the weather and time of day.
  • Racing weekend that included training sessions, practice round of ratings and format to two runs.
  • Pit stops and strategy technical stops with different scenarios and events (eg endurance).
  • Highly customizable cars.
  • Asynchronous game via Driver Network, Time Trial mode with ghost car and community events calendar.
  • Save and share your favorite moments with photos and replays.
  • Game adaptability and accessibility of content. Please adjust the game to your skills and level you like.
  • Playable in cinematic resolution of 12K or a more intimate way with Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus or nVidia Shield.
  • Compatible with over 40 different flyers and other peripherals.
  • Supports another screen using an app created by the community through the API Project CARS.

With previous date was for March 20, Project CARS come to PC next April 2nd.


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