It seems like Mad Studios is not in a mood to launch its flagship game until they removed all the bugs and performance related issues. To previous date for April 2, now NAMCO BANDAI announced that Project Cars will arrive in mid-May, unconfirmed by a specific date. This is already the third or fourth delay by native England developer.

“Although previously have developed many successful racing games, has been very difficult to anticipate how hard it would be to finish a game of the magnitude of Project CARS. Although the content of the game is completed at 99%, the remaining 1% of the work is focused on identifying and make the final adjustments needed, and is taking longer than expected.For this reason we are moving the release date to mid-May. This allows us to give fans a true AAA racing game, which is what we are waiting, “ said Ian Bell, Director of Slightly Mad Studios. “We want to thank again our fans around the world for their support and patience. The community of fans has always been at the core of this project and want to offer them all a free DLC as compensation for this delay and in recognition of how grateful we are. We are sure that this gift will please all fans and will be available from day one. We will announce very soon. “

Project CARS  is the most realistic, beautiful, intense and technically advanced racing game. Funded by donations from a passionate community that has been involved in the development process for better driving experience Project CARS allows players to create a pilot, choose from a variety of disciplines of Motorsport in which to compete and go moving up to pursue a number of historic goals and gain full recognition in the Hall of Fame.

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