Waiting for  Project Cars? If so, surely you know that the previously this title was delayed for two times. Sorry, you need to experience it again.

Previously, according to Mad Studios, the main reason for the delay is the date of release was close to the release of multiple games of high caliber. Project Cars would occur on March 17, but it was announced that you will have to wait until 2 April. Apparently in turn and it can already somewhat annoyed. The reason for any such distributions, decision is not surprising, because they want to polish and Optimize the game.

“Moving the release date was not an easy decision, because we know that our fans can no longer wait for Project Cars. But we know also that those few extra days will allow us to provide the best gaming experience to which our fans deserve. We assure you that it is worth wait for the moment when the game will be at the beginning of April. “ – Ian Bell, head of Slightly Mad Studios

Remain unchanged target platforms, which are personal computers, Xbox One ,PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

Source: cinemablend