The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2 and Prey 2 were in rumors for this E3 2016. Unfortunately first two has been proved false, although during the introduction of the presentation, it can be seen that the continuation of Wolfenstein: The New Order will be called New Colossus.

Prey (Reboot) Announced For PC, PS4 and Xbox One 


But leaving aside the good and bad of the show, Arkane Studios (responsible for Dishonored series), announced the reboot of Prey, a new vision of FPS from Human Head Studios. This will be a science fiction first-person action game, adding psychological thriller elements.

In Prey protagonist Morgan Yu, who have undergone a most questionable experiments designed to improve the human race. Wake aboard in the space station Talos 1, 2032 and we will reveal the secrets that are hidden in its depths as a mysterious alien invader contingent tries to give chase. To face the threat and to survive, we must take advantage of everything we find in the station and to equip ourselves with weapons and incredible skills.

“At Arkane, our passion for creating different worlds in which you can improvise, experiment and play as one wishes is what has guided our vision to create Prey” said Raphael Colantonio, president and creative co-director of Arkane Studios. “We really want to show you more facets of the world of science fiction that we are creating this summer at QuakeCon”.

Prey will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

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