In Prey protagonist Morgan Yu, who have undergone the most questionable experiments to improve the human race wake aboard in the Talos 1  space station, 2032 and then he has to search for the secrets that are hidden in its depths as a mysterious alien invader contingent tries to give chase. To face the threat and to survive, we must take advantage of everything we find in the station and to equip ourselves with weapons and incredible skills. This is Prey, the radically new installment of the franchise, with the sole view of Arkane Studios.

Prey – New Details; First Screenshots and Gameplay Trailer

At QuakeCon 2016, the creative co-director of Arkane, Raphael Colantonio, and the head designer Ricardo Bare, offered a first look at the gameplay of Prey, followed by the world premiere of the first gameplay trailer.

In addition to the trailer, Bare Colantonio have shown an extensive demo of the game. Although this presentation has been made exclusively for attendees of QuakeCon, but we have all the information shown, including new details on the game mechanics of Prey.

The threat in space

The Typhon roams the halls of the Talos I and hunt down the remaining humans. Up to us to choose how to deal with these creatures. We can follow a strategy of stealth and find secret routes to tour the station, while we use our tools and skills to avoid a confrontation. The station itself is a completely continuous world. We will have immediate access to any part of the Talos I … as long as we find the way to get there.

Whatever the path we take, we expect all kinds of dangers around every corner. One of the keys to survival are the neuromods to find scattered around the station because they allow us to improve with powers of alien origin.

Each type of Typhon we find require a different tactic, since all have wildly different powers. Mimetic can take the appearance of everyday objects in the environment for camouflage. With his innate ability to catch us completely off guard, these aliens can be far more deadly than its tiny size would suggest. We will have to pay attention to duplicate objects around us: you never know if that office chair or a mimetic this paper is waiting to take action.

Moreover, the ghosts are much greater than mimetic, but not like the nightmare. They have humanoid appearance, if humans were created from shadows. The fight seen on the demo revealed the peculiar way of moving that employ ghosts, which almost seem to teleport from one place to another, rather than running or walking. One of them could be facing us at any given time and your back the next.

Know your enemy

We will not just destroy the Typhon. We can also learn from our mysterious enemies. Studio allows us to assume his powers with the help of neuromods. Mimetic you can learn to transform you, which will be useful for silently moved away and solve puzzles. In the demo, we saw how Morgan was transformed into a cup of coffee to squeeze through a small opening and enter a room which could not have accessed otherwise. Later, Morgan became a burden recycler round, making a special Granada surrounding matter (including certain enemies) in resources to create objects, then pass rolling with a hostile robots operators.

Following the characteristic style of Arkane, we can combine our skills by using them in sequence. After transformed into the recycler load in the demo, Pop Morgan used the kinetic power to sail through the air like a rocket, reach a high ledge and thus prevent operators are detected by him. Kinetic Pop is another alien powers that Morgan learns to study one of the methods of attack of ghosts. It can also be used in combat to repel a boost to everything that is within your reach, and also cause damage.

Another time we saw Morgan also use a skill called Supertérmica to create a trap burning proximity and thus get rid of a horde of mimetic.

The tools at our disposal

If you wish, you can limit the use we make of our powers and instead focus on the wide variety of tools and weapons that we find in the Talos I, some of which are maintenance equipment that have been modified for other purposes. A good example is the GLOO cannon: this incredibly versatile tool shoots … glue, which hardens instantly and catch the enemy, exposed pipes and flaming covers and overloaded switchboards, opening new and interesting ways.

In the trailer of gameplay, Morgan examines a group of mimetic stuck in glue, before removing them with a silenced pistol he had found in the body of a security guard. Later, use the GLOO barrel to form a makeshift ramp that led to a catwalk above his head.

Prey also a creation system that allows us to manufacture objects using the proceeds to remove the objects that find the station. In addition to weapons and ammunition, we can create tools such as the propulsion system Artax in one of the many makers of the station. In the demo, Morgan uses this device in zero gravity propulsion to explore the surrounding space station. Artax propulsion system can be used to quickly access new areas inside the station avoiding and going straight into a watertight compartment.

Even if we find a shortcut through space, we must remain vigilant. Danger lurks around every corner and Typhon are not the only threat in the Talos I. In addition to the weapons, powers and our intelligence, a light and healthy paranoia will be essential to your survival.