With the rapid growth of social media, unwanted use of personal information or other sensitive information on your account is increasing rapidly. Facebook is one of the largest social media platform having millions of users. Some people on the internet are using malicious methods to get your account details and one of the most common way of doing that is through phishing. Phishing usually works by tricking a user to enter their account login ID and password on a malicious website. These links either promise free gifts or other things you can get via logging into the web or these links are made by other users trying to get your account for misuse.


Prevention from the Facebook account Hacking via Phishing:

  1. Always look at a webpage address, most people are tricked because they don’t read domain of the site and rush logging in. Phishers usually redirects their victims to a certain link which might resemble the original website so the victim is tricked to log in. If there is any page which looks exactly like Facebook, but the domain in address bar of browser is different don’t enter details in them. Every legit Facebook page will reside on the domain of facebook.com so keep your eye on the address bar of your web browser.
  2. Beware of your friends and family members on Facebook, it may sound absurd, but most people who attempt to hack into accounts through phishing are your own Facebook friends, so don’t click blindly on anything because it was sent by your friend. Analyze the link from any user or any of your friend just like I mentioned already in step 1.
  3. Unique Login, most of the people use the same details for all websites they are registered to, and mostly people use a single password for all of their logins which makes all of them weak in terms of security. Phishing on any platform can hack your Facebook account, so keep your login details unique.
  4. Use latest web browsers, many of the latest browsers have some mechanism to detect malicious code or website, so it’s better to use something like Mozilla or other and keep your browser up to date.
  5. Install third party web security applications or antivirus, you can download and install any antivirus that comes with web security to make sure no one can ever use phishing on you.

How To Prevent Facebook Hacking via Z Shadow

Another of the most dangerous ways with which hackers can get to you is Z Shadow. It is a free online hacking utility where you can hacked while following any online bait. If you want to know more about how you can get hacked with z shadow, just click and you will get all the important info about this utility for hacking and you can save yourself from it.

I guess that this article was much helpful since we discussed prevention of Facebook hacking from Phishing websites and Z Shadow. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback about it.

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