Leaks and rumors about the R9 290X Lightning edition was revealed by Overclock3D on their newly created sister website, “Feigongban”. And the specs look quite impressive.


Professionals’ R9 290X

Right after the “spring festival”, a wave of non consumer versions of the highly praised R9 290X emerged out from the testing grounds. These non consumers’ R9 290Xes are powerful compared to the consumer end-user cards and come equipped with many improved factors compared to the retail R9 290X, like higher graphic performance, better cooling solutions, and higher overclocking potential and therefore proving themselves more superior to the end-user SKU products. R9 290X’s Achilles’ heels were the high operating temperatures of the card during full load and we got a report that said the non-consumer variants of few R9 290Xes had tremendous improvements in cooling which is quite impressive since it performs better and stays cooler, therefore we can expect some upgrades for the consumer R9 290X in near future.

Zeus’ Lightning

Presenting the MSI R9 290X Lightning - For Turbo charged Gaming
Presenting the MSI R9 290X Lightning – For Turbo charged Gaming

As stated above, Overclock3D (a foreign media) recently exposed a report on its new website named feigongban which had details of a MSI’s version of the R9 290X dubbed as the R9 290X Lightning just like the previous card which held the Lightning tag, the GTX 780 Lightning. But unfortunately, due to a temporary ban on the site, we weren’t able to fetch up the detailed specifications and just got a slight glimpse of the exterior looks of the card, which, just like the GTX 780 Lightning, sports a Tri-Frozr cooling solution with same identical black and yellow (actually a blend of off-white and yellow tint) accents. The two outer 9cm fans in the 3 axial fan radiator system has the black look while the middle 8cm fan has the yellow tone. The cooling system also sports an automatic dust removal mechanism which proves to be quite handy since the open fan cooling in cards does accumulate a lot of dust inside the heatsink and the fan axes and cleaning them turns out to be quite a pesky task therefore kudos for this feature on the Lightning cards. The large cooling solution along with 3 fans and a quite hefty heatsink takes shape of a 3 slot design which is acceptable considering the potentials of the Hawaii GPU based R9 290X and the amount of heat it can emit. Power connectors are comprised of two 8 pin PCI-E power cables plus one 6 pin PCI-E connector; this is the maximum capacity of a 450W PSU and R9 290X sucks power since the max TDP of the card being around a massive 250W so we not at all prefer using a 450W PSU at any cost (just kidding), the power phases are comprised of 12+3+2 phase units but since the dismantled pictures of the card weren’t available therefore we are not sure about this. But since this card comes equipped with this type of power regulating capabilities therefore the Overclocking capability of this card is quite phenomenal.

MSI GTX 780 Lightning sports identical looking cooler like R9 290X Lightning
MSI GTX 780 Lightning sports identical looking cooler like R9 290X Lightning

Last words about the Thunder

Seeing the power design of the card, one can expect tremendous factory overclocks on both the GPU and the Memory clocks compared to the other retail versions for consumers, but how much exact boost will it have compared to the reference design is still unconfirmed. Since the pictures of the cards are already out, therefore we can expect the declaration of detailed specifications to be out soon but for our detailed report on this card, stay tuned with us because we would definitely inform you all about the exact specifications and capabilities of this monstrous R9 290X.

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