Valkyria Chronicles originally for PlayStation 3 is coming to Microsoft Windows. Now, this is a game most of you don’t know, but an anime fan sure have had heard this game name. It was confirmed today via Twitter by the company that the game is all set to be landing on PC soon.

This is not the only game PlayStation exclusive turned PC game, we have seen Sega bringing Space Channel 5 part 2, Nights Into Dreams and Sonic Adventure to PC. Sega also has their own way of bringing exclusive games to PC. Valkyria Chronicles which released 6 years ago turned out to be one of the best PlayStation 3 games released in 2008. It received many awards as wells as adaption, including an anime series. All through the game gained very much fame and success, it didn’t get many successes in commercial success.

The game’s success gained the game two more sequels, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 (with Valkyria Chronicles only being released in japan). The game is set in Europa a fictional city on the verge of early World War II conflict, the game is tactical shooter role playing game. The sequels like the original game are also PlayStation exclusive with no word yet if they will be for PC too or not.

A release date of Valkyria Chronicles for PC is yet to be revealed, it is unknown if it will have new features for PC or not, but still I am looking forward to the PC release of Valkyria Chronicles. The most recent game by Sega is Alien Isolation. Valkyria Chronicles first released on April 24, 2008.