The group of Xbox One player known as The Inner Circle, who are responsible for collecting the latest information and news about the console had conducted the interview of Brad Wardell-CEO of Stardock, where they provided important information about the new API by Microsoft in which Microsoft promises to revolutionize the performance of PC games.

DirectX 12 can respond to 600,000 objects rendering tasks simultaneously


According Wardell, DirectX 12 can respond to 600,000 objects rendering tasks simultaneously, outpacing only 6,000 tasks that can handle by DirectX 9. Unfortunately, Wardell has not given details on the capabilities of DirectX 11 as to have a better compared to more modern games. He also stated that DX12 can offer to improve performance by 600% on AMD GPUs, compared with its performance in DX11, based on recent benchmarks from Anandtech, where you can watch the demo tech Star Swarm, Oxide, runs 7fps in DX11 on a Radeon R9 290x, and arriving at 43fps using DX12. The same technique demo has delivered a performance 41fps using the main competition of the new API Mantle.

At the end of the note can see the complete interview on YouTube, but the “Live life” NeoGAF user has made a list of the most important data, we have below:

  • Anandtech: AMD GPUs pass to 7fps at Nitrous engine and 43fps while running in DX12.
  • A 600 % increase in performance on AMD GPUs running in DX12.
  • CPU cores multiply its performance in future games.
  • DirectX 12 coming to Xbox in November.
  • DirectX 12 runs better than Mantle on AMD motherboards.
  • DirectX 9 reaches a maximum of 6,000 rendering tasks against 600,000 of DirectX 12.
  • Marketing chose 40% increase slogan as real gains were too unbelievable for the masses to digest“.
  • Light emitting unlimited games.
  • More than 1,000 characters with artificial intelligence on the screen.
  • Fable Legends confirmed as DirectX 12 game
  • AMD and Microsoft will present great innovations of DirectX 12 during GDC.
  • Stardock developed the DX12 demo Starswarm in two months. Starswarm should have a similar performance gain on Xbox One.