AMD Radeon R9 series High-end graphics cards which would be based on the Fiji GPU core has been teased at the end of the day as spotted via Videocardz. While the last teaser was posted by AMD in an authority guide that issued us a first look of the liquid cooled card, this second tease originates from AMD’s major AIB accomplice, Powercolor who have shown a slide to declare giveaway that incorporates two unreleased top of the line AMD Graphics cards from Next Generation.

Powercolor Teases Fiji Based Radeon R9 Graphics Cards, Giveaway 2 Cards


Powercolor is one of the major AIB accomplices of AMD situated in EU and APAC are holding a giveaway where they are going to give two fortunate fans an opportunity to get a just took the ribbon off new High-End Graphics card free of charge. When we discuss “Top of the line”, we can just point to the Fiji GPU, which is AMD’s next leader Graphics Core. There are a few motivations to accept that this is the exception foreseen lead design card, we have been sitting tight for as the teaser says that the item is yet to be discharged and is the most progressive representation card in the world. We can see AMD is utilizing the same “The Most Advance Graphics Card in the World” line which NVIDIA utilized for their Maxwell based GPUs. While Maxwell is the best thing about now is the ideal time, the up and coming Fiji will acquaint some progressive changes with design outline by being the first card to execute HBM (High-Bandwidth) Memory and the first single chip illustrations card to offer a premium liquid cooled solution.

The details for the card are not uncovered yet and just theory exists which might possibly  be valid for the up and coming card. Despite that, we will see the Fiji GPU up on retail directs in only a couple of weeks time. You can go to this link to enter in the giveaway or essentially follow Powercolor on Facebook to get a change to win the Fiji based High-end Graphics card.

GPUCard200 Series CounterpartGCN IterationMem.GPU/Memory FrequencyMemory Bandwidth
FIJIAMD Radeon R9 ?1.28GB1050/1000 MHz*640 GB/s
FIJIAMD Radeon R9 ?1.28GB1000/1000 MHz640 GB/s
HAWAIIAMD Radeon R9 390X?
Radeon R9 290X1.18GB1050/1500 MHz384 GB/s
HAWAIIAMD Radeon R9 390?
Radeon R9 2901.18GB1010/1500 MHz384 GB/s
TONGAAMD Radeon R9 380Radeon R9 2851.24GB/2GB970/1425 MHz182 GB/s

Well, it has been already confirmed that the Fiji GPU with stacked HBM VRAM will dispatch on the 24th of June. While other 300 series cards will make a big appearance pretty nearly a week former.

AMD guaranteed that gamers will have the capacity to look over “multiple” Fiji powered boards with diverse structure variables and cooling.