Developers of video games have always been facing (and for the moment will continue) piracy problems. And on the PC platform several titles after launch have been ended up in the hands of groups of hackers who launched the complete version of the game without any cost in days or even hours, something to which more than known Denuvo tried to put the solution.

Assassin's Creed Origins

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If there is something that must be recognized in a positive way to the developers of Denuvo, it is their way of dealing with the situation, since from the beginning they chose to assume that their program would be violated in each game, so they proposed the situation as “(…) to provide the longest crack-free release window compared to competitors.” However, with the passage of time, although the company has updated its DRM on several occasions, the crack-free game life progressively shortened to the point that now hacker groups take just a few hours to crack a new video game.

To avoid all this, with the recent launch of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Ubisoft had to include another layer of protection, known as VMProtect, on top of the Denuvo program to avoid its almost instantaneous hacking, although sacrificing users who decided to buy this game. But now it has been revealed that, now groups of hackers do not even have to crack the well-known DRM, but simply use other techniques in which key software or ‘keygen’ will be used, which allows them to access video games without Denuvo thinks it’s a pirated copy.

“Denuvo protected games will continue to get cracked faster and faster.”

Groups of hackers have found a way to get past [Denuvo’s] encryption and keygen files in just a day. They do not crack Denuvo, they simply keygen it, so Denuvo thinks nothing is wrong on the pirated version. The death of DRM is getting closer.”

It likely signals an industry-wide eye-opener that Denuvo isn’t fitting the bill anymore, which will certainly make it harder for the company to keep selling its services.

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