Earlier there was rumors that NVIDIA will release the GTX 880 ahead of time to mid-September, then the rest of the Maxwell Desktop High-end Graphic cards should also be quickly appeared. Yesterday, the XtremeSystems has brought another GM204 next-generation graphics core GTX GPU-Z screenshot and run sub-870 score.

Possible GeForce GTX 870 specs and benchmark leaked, with 1664 CUDA and 4GB / 256bit memory

Nvidia Gtx 870 Specifications



Judging from the information screenshot shows, the GTX 870 Codename is D17U-20, the core code 13C2, A1 is stepping, estimated that the final model is GM204-300, with 1664 CUDA, 32 ROP and TMU raster units and 138 texture units, equipped with 4GB/256bit GDDR5 memory, bandwidth 224.4GB /s, Core / Turbo Boost / Memory frequency is 1051/1178 / 1753MHz.

Nvidia Gtx 870 Benchmark


3DMark 11 score is drawn to run in the Core i7-4820K platform, X file score of 4625 points, P file is 11919 points, and the GTX 780 is not far off, it was also revealed that the GTX 870 has great power improvement compared to the GTX 780, nearly 100W less.

Nvidia Gtx 870 Benchmark


Videocardz data on the GPU-Z tell us the different story, they analyzed, GM204-300 with 1664 CUDA cores, in accordance with the GM107 SMM in each unit has 128 CUDA computing, it will have 13 groups SMM unit, and each group of SMM TMU units should have 8 texture units, the total number are 104, but the GPU-Z screenshot shows 138.

This means that either someone has tampered with the picture, or is the wrong version of GPU-Z did not correctly identified.
(P.s just TechPowerUp has just updated the GPU-Z 0.7.9)

Nvidia Gtx 870 Benchmark


Of course, there may be a GM204 itself with a new layout, after all, this is probably the second-generation product of Maxwell architecture, so maybe not quite calculated in accordance with GM107 science.

If there is no accident, then, then GTX 880 will be released in September, while the GTX 870 will follow up within a month after, then we can know the above picture at the end is not really out of stock.

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