Pokemon Go, one of the most downloaded game for Android and iOS since past few days is taking the internet by storm. The game also benefitted Nintendo, as its shares went up higher, breaking previous records and added billions in the company’s worth.

Pokemon Go possible on Windows 10 Phones in Future

Many windows phone users seemed disappointed as the game was not developed for their phone. Most of them signed online petitions as well, requesting Microsoft for this new augmented-reality based online game. However, there’s a good news for windows 10 phone owners as the new feedback report by Microsoft suggests that the game might be making its way on Windows store as well.

After the number of requests sent by fans, Microsoft responded positively by stating that the Windows Store team will be looking best possible way to ‘fulfill this request‘. The team is looking into all the options and they will keep fans updated regarding the matter.

Pokemon GO-windows 10 phone

The game was released on July 6th for Android and iOS users, as both are the top two smartphone platforms. As of now, it is officially available in around 30 countries, while the developer Niantic Lab has announced that it will be released in 200 countries ‘soon’.

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