Currently, level 40 is the highest level one can achieve in Pokemon Go. The player simply known as Luca on Reddit was the first to reach that level of experience. He created a script to complete the game tasks automatically without necessarily walking around to capture the creatures.

Pokemon Go: Player reaches the highest level

Pokemon GO Level 40

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Buying some items to gain more experience, Luca wanted to see what happened when someone reached the maximum level and received 40 units of Ultra Balls, Max Potions, Max Revives and Razz Berries and four incense, Lucky EggsIncubators and Lure.

Luca said in the forum that he sent an email to the Niantic about the script he used.

I don´t play this game – i just wanted to see how far i can push with the given Tools. And i learned so much out of this.

Also, and this is really important for me to let you know: I didn´t fight in Gyms. And i won´t do it. I dont want to take anyone the fun of this game. I find it disrespectful and disgusting to profiling with that. If you do PVP (no matter which game) play legit or dont play.

I purly went for XP/h. Nothing else. I used a total of 131 Eggs ( 5x 25 Pack – and i think 6 from leveling)

I am going to write Niantic to delete my Account. Please don´t ask me for Data or to buy it. Thank you

Future updates will increase the number of the maximum allowable level.

Pokemon GO Level 40