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Pokemon Go: People are finding Pokemon in very unusual places

Pokemon Go

The idea behind Pokemon Go is to find and capture the creatures in real places, but what if you suddenly go to the bathroom and you met with a Squirtle? Or, perhaps, come across a Magikarpa where you see no water nearby (after all, Magikarpa is a water Pokémon)?.

Pokemon GO continues to surprise friends and strangers with more unusual places where you can hunt these creatures. Just a day after reporting that the game was sending users to a police station for capturing Pokémon. Other equally interesting places are added to the list: various types of churches and mosques. 

“I went to church today…

…to catch Pokemon. “ -Timson (@ tim2party), July 7, 2016


“I’ve been to church more times today than I have total in the last 10 years” Rosie Tyler (@RosieTyler_xo), July 7, 2016


” I need Pokéballs for #PokemonGO, and the church next door is a Poké Stop, but a funeral is going on #decisionsdecisions #gottacatchemall” -Jack William (@JWillsNH), July 7, 2016

These are very unusual places in which Pokemon Go players are finding creatures and of course they are sharing on social networks.

Here are some:


Pokemon Go is available for Android and iOS, but only in some regions of the world.