When the player starts Pokemon Go he must choose between three initial Pokemon: Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. However, we have found a way to ignore them and to choose Pikachu as starting Pokemon.

How to choose Pikachu as a starting Pokemon

At the point when Professor Willow instructs you to go pick your starter, the initial trio will spawn on the in-game map. Normally, tapping on one starts a fight, bringing about you obtaining your first Pokemon. On the off chance that you don’t choose a Pokemon, however — in the event that you simply continue leaving rather — the three will vanish, then respawn in front of you.

It works in this way: when choosing a trio, ignore them and keep walking on the map. The Pokemon will appear again in front of you and you should ignore them again. Repeat this process for three to four times until finally a Pikachu joins the three, you should also make sure to choose the electrical type as the first.

Pokemon Go: How to choose Pikachu

The problem is that you have to ignore other three Pokemon several times so be patience, because the method seems to take a while. Still, worth it if you want to catch the famous Pokemon right away.

Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android.