Pokemon Go, the new mobile game has taken internet by storm soon after its initial release last week. The game is not released in most of the countries of the world, but after applying some of the tricks, most of the people have managed to get their hands on this augmented-reality game.

Pokemon GO Gyms and Pokestops Locations in Pakistan

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One of the main experience that players have eagerly requested for, Pokemon GO gyms and Pokestops locations so they can start to fight among the Pokemons and get collectible items used in the games. Anyhow, Pokemon lovers in Pakistan should not worry as some of the Gyms and Pokestops in the game has been discovered and still being updated over the interactive map, thanks to die hard Pokemon Go players like Imdad Khan and Hassan Fajri.

Currently, as per the updated map, there are quite a number of Gyms and Pokestops in some parts of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and few other cities as well. The map is reportedly being updated constantly soon after the new Gyms and Pokestops. Have a look into the map below;

Below are the keys of the map according to the description;

  • Gyms are Green Pins
  • Pokestops are Red Pins
  • Potential Pokestops are Blue Pins.

Have you managed to get game on your device or still struggling to download the game? Let us know in the comment section below!