Pokemon Go, the first augmented-reality based mobile game designed for Android and iOS has taken the world by Storm within a few days after its release. Even though the game is available in a few regions of the world, yet it managed to break the records, such as the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store within the first week of availability.

The game was firstly released in New Zealand, Australia then the United States and following the release in the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and some other European nations. Last week, the game got officially released in its Home ground, Japan and then Hong Kong, the first Asian countries where the game released.

According to the new reports, the Pokemon Go overall downloads are over 75 Million on Android and iOS combined. As per the report published by app market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the game took 19 days to cross 50 million download mark on Google Play Store, which is the minimum till date. It also posted the statistics in comparison with other popular games such as Color Switch and Slither.io.

pokemon go 50 million comparison

It says that the famous Color Switch took 77 days and Slither.io took 81 days to cross the 50 million download mark on the Google Play Store. Even the most recent Candy Crush Jelly Saga took more than 3 months to reach the mark. The report also stated that;

For most mobile games and apps, even reaching 10 million downloads is a marathon, butPokémon GO made that and 50 million in a sprint.

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The game was released on July 6th and yet managed to break many records within a couple of weeks. It was reported that the game will hit Asian markets, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Gulf region in early or mid August.

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Source: Sensor Tower