Pokemon Go, a new mobile game which gained momentum among Android and iOS users soon after its release. Although the game is not released in most regions of the world. Yesterday, the game was released in Japan, its home ground.

Pokemon Go Breaks Record, Becomes Most Downloaded App on the App Store

However, Pokemon Go managed to claim the record of most downloaded app from the Apple App Store in just the first week after its release. The news was confirmed by iMore’s Editor in Chief, Rene Ritchie on the Twitter.

Pokemon Go broke many kinds of records lately, for example; Shares of Nintendo increased by 86%, adding $17 Billion in Company’s Worth and also achieved the milestone on the Apple App Store with most downloads because the game is slowly being released in the rest of the countries of the world. It was announced that the game will be released in 200 countries very soon. Apple has confirmed the news but didn’t provide any specific numbers of the app downloads.

Last week, it was hinted by Microsoft that the game might get released for Windows 10 Phones in the future as most of the users requested for this famous app to be available on the Windows store. Stay tuned for more updates!

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