Makers of both games said they were trying to tackle the problem

What if I say it was the Worst Christmas ever for two giants, who are giving their services to entertain or to make players happy has suffered from the online attack last night – hacking group Lizard Squad took that responsibility. Apart from  Xbox Live and PlayStation games this Christmas was also became the nightmare of many players who are waking up in the whole night and then come to know that both has been hacked now they have to face the problems regarding to the online services whole night.  After this attack player were not able to access the networks.

On Thursday afternoon, the makers of both games acknowledged on social media that they were facing problems.

“We’re aware that some users are having issues logging into PSN – engineers are investigating,”

 PlayStation and Xbox hacked by Lizard Squad 


“Jingle bells jingle bells xbox got ran,” the group wrote on Twitter Thursday, adding a similar line about Sony. “oh my fun it is to troll of you morons … hey!”

Microsoft and Sony have not commented on the claim, but both said they were fixing the issues. Apart from PlayStation tweets, Microsoft is also trying to put some water on the heat and they wrote a message on the Xbox’s website:

“Hi Xbox members. Are you having a rough time signing in to Xbox Live? We’re working to get this figured out right away.

“Keep trying to sign in when you get a chance. We’re grateful for your patience, and we’ll be sure to loop you in on our progress in 30 minutes.”

Before the Christmas both giants were aware of such attacks, they have to do some homework, but I don’t know they are relying on their legacy systems or what. There are lots of players who just brought Current-Gen console for Christmas to spend some weeks with their friends by playing games together, but elite hours are spoiled by some hackers.

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