Sony returns to old ways and that before the imminent launch of the PlayStation VR. After a long wait without new information from the company, finally they come up with the unboxing surprise of virtual reality glasses compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Sony PlayStation VR will be available for sale from October 13.

Sony PlayStation VR Unboxing Video, Launch date, Games and Price

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The biggest problem of the PlayStation VR is a price of 399 euros turns out to be misleading, because for that price only glasses are included. So you have to pay 50 euros for the camera and 36 euros for one Playstation Move (two are required), so all this raises its price to 521 euros, which is why Sony will launch a bundle with the camera and both controls at a recommended price 499 euros, a price which obviously remains very high considering that it would cost even more than it cost the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony PlayStation VR will be accompanied by a demo of seven games: Driveclub VRRIGS Mechanized Combat League (a frantic shooter arena), Tumble VR (puzzler),  Battlezone (remake of the classic recreational tank),  EVE: Valkyrie (stellar battles),  Wayward Sky (3D adventure) and  Headmaster. We remind you that 50 VR ‘projects’ to be available by the end of 2016.

PlayStation VR Box And Accessories

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