After announcing the official price of the Oculus Rift and HTC Pre Lives, there are many reasons to continue scaring price and according to the first market survey regarding virtual reality glasses of the PlayStation 4 “PlayStation VR“, this has only just begun.

PlayStation VR begins to be listed for a price tag between €450 – €500

Sony PlayStation VR has already been listed in Amazon Canada at a price around $ 800, while three European websites have put up listings for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset this week with prices ranging between €450-500. Screenshots of each listing were taken and posted in a NeoGAF.

According to Ram Madhavan, the processing unit doesmost of the heavy lifting when it comes to producing low-latency images. The same is being done for audio processing. The external drive is compatible with 3D audio binaural and allow the PlayStation 4 exceed its power range of 1.84 Tflops, but has not yet detailed the hardware that hides the processing unit and the final power to manage the PlayStation 4, but it should be close to 3 Tflops (Vs 3.5 Tflops of GeForce GTX 970).

In the past, Sony had announced that its Virtual Reality Glasses would cost the same as a console, and well, the PlayStation 4 went on sale at a price of 399 euros. The problem here may not be the price, or good, is secondary, it must be recognized that the announced games are spectacles for the less unattractive or flashy, so spend an obscene amount of money to have enough games that are simpletons… yes, scary.

via: KitGuru

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