Sony’s virtual word of social networking otherwise known as the PlayStation home will shut down soon the company announced.

It will shut down in three phases, in the first Sony will stop publishing new content form November 12, then in the second phase Sony will stop the players from downloading any new contents form December 3 and in the third content where the PlayStation home will shut down from March 31, 2015.

PlayStation Home is officially shutting down

PlayStation Home is officially shutting down

The developer said: “due to the progressive and innovative nature of the gaming industry, PlayStation is unable to refund on legacy platform or service experiences.” And those who are with PlayStation Home till the end will get free contents from Sony.

When the PlayStation 3 was introduced PlayStation home was introduced along with it since then it is been running and running with many updates and also a redesign for a fresh new start. Although it is still unknown if a new PlayStation Home will come to the PlayStation 4 it is best to not bring it since there are currently only 30 million players are there half of them are only having their avatars there.

In PlayStation Home you will be able to create your very own avatar and you will get a personal apartment in the game which can be decorated for free, brought or won items. The player will be able to travel throughout the game’s world where he can see posters, video screen and mini-games where you can see PlayStation advertising themselves. There are also mini-game both single player and multiplayer mini games. There are special events too, where you can win items and decorate your home.

It first launched on December 18, 2008 and now closing on March 31, 2015.

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