Michael Patcher, the well-known analyst of Wedbush Securities, has returned to the stage to announce one of his predictions, this time on the PlayStation 5, which would be the next-gen console from Sony camp.

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On this occasion, Michael Patcher has announced that the PlayStation 5 would reach the market in 2020, although he also states that there is a possibility that it would also arrive at some point next year, in 2019. Apparently, some of the most important videogame studios already have development kits of the PS5 in their hands, so we can probably know more details about this console in the coming months.

According to the data provided by Patcher, it is “very unlikely” that the PlayStation 5 will arrive at the end of 2018. However, he also doesn’t rule out the possibility that it will release a year prior, in 2019.

“25% [probability] next year and 75% in 2020,” said the analyst.

If we talk about the launch gap between consoles from Sony camp. the gap between the first PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 was notably a little over five years. Meanwhile, the gap between the between the PS2 and PlayStation 3 was roughly six years. And then the gap between the PS3 and the PlayStation 4 was seven years. Now, a release in 2018 would create a five year gap.

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