With its worldwide launch, user complaints have intensified that the PlayStation 5 emits an annoying sound, and this is none other than the Coil Whine, which is an electromagnetically induced noise. This noise derives from a coil, and everything indicates that it could be the GPU.

Through the ResetEra forums, many users have reported Coil Whine issue and also shared recordings of their consoles, and in most cases it is indicated that this sound is only audible in those games that demand greater power like Demon’s Souls.

Below you can find some videos in which users are facing Coil Whine issue in PlayStation 5:


PlayStation support seems to be aware of the problem, but only replacing units that are completely faulty, which makes sense when you consider that there is no stock and priority is given to those who really cannot use their console until the situation improves and a replacement unit can be offered.

On the positive side, the “coil whine” can sometimes reduced with use, so there is a chance that the noise will disappear in the future. If not, then you may use the warranty to claim new unit when stock situation improves.

With this is the second most seen problem on the console, the first being crashing of games due to storage unit, even Spanish YouTuber, AlphaSniper97 with almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube, experienced how its console presented this problem during gameplay. Finally these are common problems, and more when we talk about the first batch of consoles released.

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