On the web, there were some reports suggesting that Sony may be tempted to prepare a more efficient version of the PlayStation 4. Theoretically, yes, but it seems that we are dealing with a lot of words over interpretation of Sony’s representatives.

Improved version of the Playstation 4 is possible


In practical terms, Masayasu Ito, one of the vice-presidents of Sony Computer Entertainment. In a recent interview was asked, among other things, about the performance of the PlayStation 4, and also about whether you can somehow improve. In response he said that the use of the X86 architecture is achievable and can be used here for more powerful components.

Although clearly cut off from any announcement fairly soon began to guess and suggest that for next year we will see a tweaked version of the PlayStation 4, which will deal with each game in Full HD resolution at 60fps.

At this point, you would think that Sony is actually playing at such could benefit? Reaching for a more powerful variant of the console would have a reason to be happy, but what about the others?

Source: dualshockers

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