Yesterday there was a news that Sony finally grant the PlayStation 4 the possibility of using external hard drives and now we know that with the same update (version 4.50), which will be available to all PlayStation 4 consoles (PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim and original PS4) a new “Turbo mode” will be included specifically for PlayStation 4 Pro, which is currently being beta tested.

PlayStation 4 Pro will receive a Turbo Mode to improve performance on Non-Pro games

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The Boost mode offers better performance, such as higher frame rates, for certain titles from the pre-Pro era, which will result in leverage its faster as the new architecture graphics processor. This update is quite important to know that almost the entire catalog of games for the PlayStation 4 has not received an update patch that allows you to take advantage of this increase in power found in the PS4 Pro.

A video with this update on beta stage shows the performance difference in The Evil Within game. From the above video you can see that the console does not suffer some outstanding performance drops when we greatly exaggerated camera movements.

This is achieved by taking advantage of the extra performance of the console. The game will not improve graphically, but offering a 30/60 constant FPS without sudden drops.

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