Since earlier this year, development of high end console from both the console makers, i.e, Sony and Microsoft was rumored until May when Sony’s President officially confirmed the existence of upgraded console named as PlayStation 4 Pro (previously known as PlayStation 4 Neo), while Microsoft also revealed the upgraded console during E3 known as Xbox Scorpio, its design and specifications.

During the reveal of both the consoles, it was clear that PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio are aimed for gaming at 4K resolution and with better VR support. After the confirmation of these upgraded console, the users of standard consoles seemed disappointed and feared that they will have to buy the new console as the standard one won’t be getting future games. After which representatives of Sony and Microsoft officially announced that both the consoles will co-exist together throughout their life cycle, and there won’t be any exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio respectively.

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio Will Remove “Some of the Limitations” – Crytek

On the other hand, some game developers liked the idea of upgraded consoles and some of them were pretty much excited in developing games for the new one. Following the reveal of PlayStation 4 Pro last week, Crytek’s game designer Niklas Walenski in his blog post seemed happy with the upgrades and said that it will help in eliminating the limitations caused by the hardware of standard consoles.

He says that with more hardware power, the developers will be able to counter the limitations and it will allow them to work on better visuals, more rendering and “bigger” worlds in the game. Here’s the official statement of Walenski;

“We are always limited to some extent in videogame development, and we have to work within certain constraints that are usually related to the power of a system versus what we would like to do. But new hardware inevitably removes some of the limitations. We can create bigger worlds, render much more, and have more complex systems running our ideas.”

“Each console has its own twist to it, but there are standards between them. If a console has a unique peripheral you have to think a little differently about it, but in general they tend to share key similarities. So new hardware doesn’t usually tend to present the same issues as a new medium like VR, where we’re having to throw away a lot of the things we did before, or iterate on them, because they just don’t work anymore. Instead, you’re essentially gaining varying degrees of additional power to play with.”

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Furthermore, he discussed about developing for the previous generation consoles that lasted for about 7 to 8 years. According to him, developing for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was good at a point as the developers knew what they were working for. While on the other hand, they were bound to the hardware limitations because of the old hardware equipped on both the consoles during the period of technology where new hardware components were being released.

Do you agree with the statement of Crytek’s game designer?

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