Development of a new high-end, 4K capable model of its current console, the PlayStation 4 Neo was rumored for a long time over the internet, after which Sony’s president Andrew House officially confirmed the existence of the console.

PlayStation 4 Neo to cost $399 and PlayStation 4 Slim at $299

However, nothing has been revealed regarding the console, despite its official confirmation. It was expected that Sony will reveal the console during its E3 2016 press conference, but the company decided to reveal the new, upgraded console later on. Sony has confirmed the PlayStation Meeting that will take place on September 7th at PlayStation Theatre New York, where the company will discuss the future of it’s eighth generation console and the official reveal of PlayStation 4 Neo, PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation Vita Trinity is highly expected.

Today, Wall Street Journal technology reported Takashi Mochizuki tweeted that the PlayStation 4 Neo will cost around $399 while the PlayStation 4 Slim will cost around $299.

Sony hasn’t revealed the hardware specs and the pricing of both the consoles. PlayStation 4 Slim was recently leaked on the internet out of nowhere. The slim console was purchased by a twitter user shortmaneighty2 who also posted some pictures of a console which is yet to be revealed officially. If the reported price of the new 4K console is true, it will force more players to get it and enter into the era of 4K gaming with an affordable price. Lets see what Sony is planning for us. Stay tuned for more updates!