Sony still in luck, as the sales of PlayStation 4 console and its games are increasing “significantly“, which means that the console has exceeded 25.3 million units sold worldwide, which has led to a Sony’s profit of 160 million dollars in its second quarter (April – May-June), some very positive data considering that has made its debut in less than two years of life.

PlayStation 4: More Than 25 million Units Sold Worldwide


PS4 is now up to 25.3m sales worldwide since launch – a stunning result for a console still not two years old.

Sony hopes to offer a larger portion of a million more PS4s this money related year than it anticipated: 16.5m as opposed to 16m. Sony sold 14.8m PS4s amid the 2014 money related year, so sales of the console are growing.

In the event that Sony’s projections are right, the PS4 will hit 38.8m units sold by 31st March 2016.

Sony neglected to say Vita or PlayStation 3 deals for the quarter, proposing they’re both irrelevant.

With respect to Sony overall, deals were flat due to decreases in smartphone sales and mid-range LCD television sales. Be that as it may, working pay expanded to $794m because of the supports in Sony’s music division.

As per the organization, anticipated that would offer 38.8 million of PlayStation 4 preceding March 31.

via: Eurogamer