The group Fail0verflow recognized after their great achievements in the world of gaming console, presented how they have managed to bring down the security methods of PlayStation 4 in order to execute a modified version of the Linux operating system in the console. The operating system is running an emulator of Gameboy Advanced where Pokémon without any problem executed.

PlayStation 4 hacked to run Linux

6By using Linux, which took about 7000 lines of code to provide it with support for the console, the team had access to both the AMD 8-core APU and managed its frequencies, connectivity (WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth) and video connections. The next step is to activate the audio coding through the HDMI output, access to USB subsystem, physical and logical drives, in addition to enable GPU acceleration that will help to deliver a significant improvement in the performance of the Linux environment.

Who would have thought, but these first steps.Well, don’t update the console much, because soon the developers publicly offer everything you need to take advantage of this exploit. Although of course, the most anticipated is the burden of ” backup “, but we have to start from somewhere.

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