Last year, Sony released its game streaming service known as PlayStation Now for the PC community, allowing them the access to a number of amazing PlayStation 3 titles. And according to the recent announcement made by the Japanese tech giant, the service will be getting PlayStation 4 titles later this year.

Sony has decided to expand its PlayStation Now streaming service with the PS4 titles, which means that the PC gamers will be able to get their hands on the famous PS4 titles such as Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered without even purchasing the PlayStation console.

According to the company, they will be holding beta testing for the service in a few weeks to check how the service works, and the players who wish to stream the game on PS4 and the PC will be able to save their game progress with the cloud storage service, regardless of either platform they want to continue the game.

The PlayStation Now streaming appears to be heading against Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere feature, allowing PC and Xbox One gamers to play the supported titles on either platform and share the game progress and achievements. Here’s what the PS Blog wrote;

If you’re new to PS Now, the subscription service offers access to a large and ever-expanding library of games. Since PS Now utilizes our cloud streaming technology, you can access the entire catalog of games, select one, and start playing quickly without needing to wait for downloads.

Also, PS Now uses cloud saves, letting you start a game on PS4 and continue playing on another PS4 or even a Windows PC (or vice versa).

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A couple of months ago, Sony announced that the company will be dropping its PS Now service on the other devices such as PS Vita, PlayStation 3 and the PSP in order to create a better user experience. The streaming service currently includes around 483 PS3 titles, including the famous ones such as Red Dead Redemption.

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