More speculations regarding the rumored new 4K PlayStation console from Sony, often referred as PlayStation 4.5 / PlayStation 4K is actually in works, and according to the new report published by Giant bomb, this new and upgraded console is codenamed as NEO.

PlayStation 4.5 is codenamed as NEO, Features Upgraded Ram, CPU and GPU

As per the report, the NEO named console will feature a CPU with higher clock speed, an upgraded GPU with faster memory as compared with the current one. Regarding the hard disk drive, it stated that it would be as same as what current console has, but might have higher connection speed and disk space capacity.

It says that Sony will classify both of their console with Base mode and NEO Mode, where Base mode is for the current PlayStation 4 and NEO is for the upgraded PlayStation 4.

Games will be released for both the modes. New PlayStation 4.5 will stabilize the game frame rates at higher resolutions i.e, displaying 4K output. Interestingly, it adds that the games showing 4K output display won’t be running 4K resolution and a 4K Television would be required to ‘upscale’ the display format.

Additionally, NEO exclusive games will not be released by the developers as the company wants both the consoles to exist together. Games releasing in October will be supported by the upgraded PlayStation console, and games releasing prior to October will require an update from the developers in order to run it on the new, upgraded console.

Alleged price of new Sony PlayStation is said to be the same as of current PlayStation 4, that is $399 and might be released in the month of October this year.